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The Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano sits impressively in the northern lowlands of Costa Rica, near a picturesque town called La Fortuna, creating an extraordinary backdrop as it looms over the surrounding lush rain forest.
As one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, visitors have plenty of activities to keep them busy. Ziplining, hiking, biking, kayaking, wildlife watching and rafting are just a few of the endless adventures to embark on in the Arenal area.

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What makes us different

Our company has been dedicated since its inception to teach the natural wonders of our country; and always trying to provide valuable information to our customers, about the natural history of every plant and animal that we see on our tours. But over time we have been given the task of showing a little more about our culture and how Costa Ricans live and work, especially in rural areas, where it is listed that life is a little quieter, but also harder.

The cultural heritage that these activities offer, strengthens us as a company, and even more as human beings because it reminds us where we came from and mostly that we need to preserve good values in order ​​to develop as a better society. Because of this, we have incorporated visits to small family businesses to support these families, the community, and their entrepreneurship.

Our guides have been trained and certified to go ahead of a common guide, they became nature interpreters and adventure specialists. With these skills, knowledge, and natural areas, we can produce some of the best travel experiences in the world.

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